The Dream Series was a project for a design trial I had with Funder, British tech company specialised in organising charity events. The brief required the creation of a logo, landing page and two Facebook ads for a new raffle organised by Funder.

This lottery was made in collaboration with the Cirque du Soleil to help raise money for One Drop, a charity focused on providing access to clean water in third world countries.
The concept was simple: the participants helped the charity by donating and the winner would get a trip for two to Las Vegas and enjoy the Cirque du Soleil show!
Amazing, right?

I was super excited about the brief and immediately started my researches, to obtain a clear vision of the project.
I studied Funder, their values and aims as well as their visual style. Secondly, I wanted to know more about One Drop. Finally, I focused on the Cirque du Soleil.​​​​​​​
Once I had enough elements, I took my loyal pencil and sketched a lot! I started with the logo, and after various drawings, I decided that the moon would make the perfect logo for the raffle. Firstly, because dreams come at night and the moon is its symbol. Secondly, the moon was the perfect counterpart to the sun, the Cirque's logo. ​​​​​​​
Later came the study for the landing page. It had to be appealing and state which charity the raffle supported and what was the prize. I wanted to transmit the vibrant atmosphere of the Cirque du Soleil to attract participants.
I spent a very long time selecting the right pictures. I do not know how many I had saved on my laptop! The images had to be perfect because I wanted them to be the focus of the observer's attention.​​​​​​​
I then created two Facebook ads to attract people. To do that, I selected pieces and bits of pictures of Las Vegas and the Cirque's artists and used them to create two collages in Photoshop. I finished the ads with a catching slogan and a link to the “Dream Series” website.

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